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Chiropractic Therapy Exercises

12 Exercises You Can Do At Home

Getting adjusted isn't the last of your treatment. Below you will find a list of links to several exercises that will help you recover from an injury. You should also consider using these as part of a normal workout at home. Stretching can reduce swelling around your joints, which of course, reduces your pain.
  • (1) Doing The Dead Bug
    This exercise focuses on the abdomonial muscles. To begin, lie flat on your back...

  • (2) Multifidus Activation
    Multifidus muscles help to take pressure off the vertebral discs... do daily.

  • (3) Multifidus Exercise Quad
    When "Multifidus muscle" strength is poor, you are succeptable to back injury.. try this.

  • (4) Pectoralis Doorway Stretch
    Poor posture can result from a combination of spinal fixations, overly tight pectoral muscles... try this.

  • (5) Rear Deltoid Dumbbells Exercise
    Weak rear deltoids can cause rounded shoulders and forward head carriage... try this exercise.

  • (6) Reverse Flys Double
    The following exercise demonstrates how to strengthen and stabilize your back... try this with light dumbells.

  • (7) Reverse Flys Single
    Perform this exercise either sitting or standing. Sitting will be more challenging

  • (8) Seated Row
    The Seated Row works most of the major muscles in the back... add this to your workout.

  • (9) Serratus Anterior
    This muscle group is vital to proper shoulder motion, it rotates the scapula... do this also daily.

  • (10) Shoulder Extensions
    When starting out, work one arm at a time. As you get stronger progress to two arms.

  • (11) Spinal Twist
    This exercise provides a gentle stretch and the proper motion that stimulates the tissues to...

  • (12) Teres-Minor-External-Rotation
    The teres minor and infraspinatus attach to the head of the humerus; as part of the rotator cuff...

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