Injured Coccyx?

It sounds funny... but it's not!

All About Your Coccyx

Looks like we may have had a tail at one time. Just look at the image below and you'll see what's left of your tail, at the base of your spine, "The Coccyx" (better known as a tailbone.)

While it might have a funny sounding name, the coccyx, when injured, can be very, VERY painful. If you have fallen on ice, and slammed down on your tailbone, you may have seriously injured yourself. The condition is called (Coccydynia). There is a really good video on tailbone injuries which you can see, if you have a moment, at this online location. It's painful to fracture your coccyx (tailbone), and there is not much a regular doctor can do for it, but a doctor of chiropractic can apply spinal decompression to your lower spine to relieve the pressure caused by the injury.

Doctor of Chiropractic Explains the Coccyx

As you can see from the image below, the coccyx is a triangle shaped group of bones which are held together by joints and ligaments. If you dislocate these bones during a slip and fall or in some other accident your injury will be slow to heal. You will need padded seat cushions, and a little more time to do everyday tasks.Cervical Spine

Women are most likely to injury their coccyx because their pelvis is wider than men. Some women injure their coccyx during child birth when the pelvis has opened for delivery. Athletes while in great shape also suffer this type of injury either from direct contact, or by blunt force trauma.

How do you know your coccyx is injured? You will feel a severe pain at the base of your spine. The area may be bruised. The pain is worse when you sit down, or for long periods of time. You may have a problem going to the bathroom, and women may also feel pain during sexual contact.

If you experience any of these symptoms, contact our chiropractic clinic right away. We will get you in right away, and take the necessary X-Rays here in our office. We will check both your seated or standing positions when taking your X-Rays. If the situation is severe we will refer you to another doctor for a neurologic and possibly a rectal exam.

During your recovery, you may need medication, which you can get from your family doctor, you can also be treated for nerve blocks, and sacral nerve stimulation, or if the situation is a bad one, you could choose to go in for surgery to shorten the length of the coccyx. If your family doctor is unfamiliar with the pain caused by injuries to the coccyx (and many are), contact a back specialist in the Reno area for proper pain management.

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