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The Facts About Your Occipital Bone

Chronic headaches usually originate in the cervical, or occipital regions of the spine. That's where the head and neck connect. This page contains the facts about how occational chiropractic adjustments can help relieve your headache. If you are in pain constantly, and don't know why, contact us right away. You may need cervical decompression.

After you read this page about the head and neck, contact our office for an examination. There's a way to stop that headache of yours, and it may start, at your occipital bone.

What's an Occipital Bone

I know right?.. I lived my whole life without even knowing I had one. The occipital bone (Pictured below) is located at the back of the head, at the base, where the neck and head connect.The occipital bone shown as example for Reno patientsAt the bottom of your occipital there is a hole where nerve endings send information from your brain down the spinal column. There are also arteries sending blood to the brain, and muscles and tendons holding everything in place

Sometimes, the occipital portion of the cranium, gets forced downward toward the cervical portion of the spine. (This happened to me bodysurfing in Maui) When this happens, nerve endings are cut off, and your brain signals that it doesn't like that, and gives off an electrical charge which we feel as pain.

Headaches, especially migraines headaches, can make us feel unable to cope with work, kids, of life in general. Treating headaches with pain meds works great in the short term, but only if those headaches are caused by stress, not biological misalignment. If you headaches come back time and again, make an appointment with ISS.

A doctor of chiropractic knows how to treat headaches. It starts with aligning the spine, begining at the top, with the occipital bone, and moving down through the cervical, and the thoracic areas as well.

Talk to one of ISS's doctors of chiropractic about your personal headache history. Explain your medical history, and your prescription medication history too. They can help adjust your occipital bone, and keep your headaches at bay, or maybe even end them forever. Call now for an appointment.

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