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The Facts About the Sacrum

That tingling sensation may originate in the middle of your pelvis.
Down at the bottom of the spine, just above the tailbone, you find a triangle shaped bone, called the sacrum. This bone is located right in the middle of your butt, so when it's injured, you are in a world of pain. Patients report the inability to sit, stand, or even lay down.

The doctors at Integrated Spinal Solutions in Reno put this page together to explain the sacrum in simple terms. Please comment about this topic on our blog.

What is Sacrum? Another Sweetner?

No, you don't want to drink anything sweetened with "sacrum". While it sounds like it could be a sweetner, it's actually a strangly shaped bone at the bottom of your spine. Snowboarders who have "gleemed the cube" or whatever they do, and then ended up on their rears can seriously injure their sacrum. You can see a picture of a sacrum below showing both the front (anterier), and back (posterior) of the sacrum.Cervical Spine lumbar region of the spine attached to the top of the sacrum, and the tailbone, or coccyx, descends from the bottom. The sacrum is also attached to the pelvis.

One patient of ISS, really injured their sacrum. They wrote. "I slipped on some ice Christmas eve (2013) and slammed my read end full force into the ground. Forget about my busted elbow, and the lump on my head; my real problem was a herniated disc (L-5) was stuck to the top of my sacrum (S-1) and I couldn't move.

I thought, "forget about it, I'm tough, It'll be better tomorrow". Well, it wasn't, not even a little better. In fact, the injury was so bad I couldn't stand up straight, I couldn't sit on the toilet, I couldn't sleep. I couldn't even lift my right foot one inch off the ground. It was scary. I have never been on so much pain. Then I called Dr. Welch, and made an appointment."

Letter continued: "He said I was in terrible shape, one of the worst he had ever seen. X-rays showed herniated lumbar and sacrum. To make a long story short, I was 100% recovered in less that two weeks, and he did not crack my back one time. He used spinal decompression, a relatively new technique that uses counter weight to slowly relieve pressure on herniated discs. I highly recommend decompression therapy to anyone, seriously, anyone who suffers from low back pain."

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