Dr. Xavier Martinez

Doctor of Chiropractic
Integrated Spinal Solutions
Reno, Nevada
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Dr. Xavier Martinez
Doctor of Chiropractic - Reno, Nevada

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Dr. Martinez has been treating patients for more than 20 years now. He graduated from the same college named after the founder of chiropractic, "Palmer College of Chiropractic-West" over in San Jose. After college, (Xavier) Martinez worked as Clinical Director of Preferred Chiropractic in Las Vegas and at another chiropractic clinic in Selma, California. Finally in '98, Dr Martinez and his family made a trip to the Reno area that changed his family, they fell in love with the Reno area and moved here.

Dr Xavier Martinez is a Reno ChiropractorEarly on in his career he realized the limitations chiropractic had when dealing with spinal disc injuries. Lacking a better option, he would refer non-responsive patients for spinal surgery. Unfortunately, the long-term outcome of surgery was not much better and, in a few cases, left the patients even worse. Frustrated, he sought another, more effective and certainly less risky option than surgery... and he found one.

Part of the solution came in the form of Spinal Decompression. This is a mechanical non-invasive means of reducing pressure on a bulging disc. Utilizing this technology, treatment outcomes improved but were not great.

Applying traditional chiropractic maneuvers along with Spinal Decompression seemed to aggravate the patients’ complaints. It became clear that bulging discs do not respond well to torque or twisting maneuvers, the hallmark of a traditional Chiropractic Adjustment. There has to be a better way...

After several years he developed a means of manual manipulation that did not utilize torque or shear forces yet still was able to unload the disc. Combining this with Spinal Decompression, outcomes improved dramatically. Over the last several years incorporating nutritional and exercise components has boosted outcomes further. Dr Martinez says, “My focus has always been on finding means that allow the body to heal itself. Most of the time this just requires creating an environment that is conducive to healing."

His chiropractic technique not only reduces the pressure on the disc which allows for reduction of disc bulges over time, but also disrupts adhesions around the damaged segments and restores proper motion to the involved joints, which can prevent further degenerative changes. Contact Dr. Martinez now for an appointment.

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