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Lumbar Spinal Decompression

Do you have relentless back pain? A non-stop (never ending) pain in your back? We can help. If you wake up in pain, walk around all day in pain, living on pain meds, please, give us a chance to help you with a revolutionary new treatment in chiropractic care:: non-surgical spinal decompression.

Contact us anytime day or night. and we can get you in right away. Our state-of-the-art chiropractic clinic provides effective non-surgical solution to bulging or herniated discs in the neck and lower back. Don't just medicate the pain, spinal decompression actually reduces the size of disc bulges. You will be surprised what chiropractic care can help you overcome.

We recommend lumbar spinal decompression for low back pain.REVIEW: "Rarely do I give my personal opinion about a clients product or service, but this web designer actually went through lumber decompression in November of 2013, and I want you to know - it really works!"

"I had injured my lower back somehow, and Integrated Spinal Solutions recommended this treatment for me because he said I was way too injured to be adjusted."

"I was in a lot of pain. I could barely stand up, and laying down was not an option either. I couldn't even walk up the stairs to my bedroom; I actually crawled up the stairs on all fours!"

"During the first lumbar decompression the pain almost stopped because the machine, was slowly pulling my spine south."

"The bones in my lower spine were smushed together, and it was pushing up against my nerves and my sacrum. As the decompression machine pulled, it relieved this pressure, which really eased my pain. Sadly, the session ended, and my doctor said that it would take a couple more treatments to get be back to normal, but within 10 days I was feeling so much better I actually went to the gym."

"So yes, this would be a recommendation, a personal recommendation from me, for the nice staff at Integrated Spinal Solutions." -- Zane Durant (

Read WebMD review of spinal decompression.

What can you expect if you go through decompression therapy for your lumbar? Each person is different, and injuries heal at their own rates as well. But, generally, a person with a low back injury, or someone who has had a history of low back pain can expect to come in two or times a week, maybe three, for a series of treatments including spinal decompression of the lower spine.

Each session is 30 minutes, during which you will experience pain relief, not pain. This writer was better than normal after 6 treatments, I am still feeling like a million dollars two years later, thanks to quarterly visits to ISS for decompression.  

By the way, have you seen the Teeter Hangup inversion tables. That's basically the same principle as decompression, having one at home can help keep you in place. Not that this is a sales pitch for them, just a note for those making the comparison.


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