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Chiropractors Use Therapeutic Ultrasound

Some people think that ultrasound is only used to look at babies inside the womb. But no, ultrasound therapy has many benefits, including pain relief.

Today I want to talk with you about pain relief, and ultrasound. A couple of years ago, I was in constant pain.. I was living on Vicodin just to mask the pain I was in.. so I know what you are going through. You think you can't live without your pain meds. But you know what? Last year, I got off pain meds, and got my back to stop hurting by using two separate treatments; decompression therapy, and ultrasound.

I am doing this web site for ISS because they helped me, seriously! They changed my life. I want you to have that chance too. You don't have to live on pain medication for the rest of your life; you can find relief at ISS (Integrated Spinal Solutions) and by using ultrasound therapy to fight the pain.

Ultrasound is really awesome! This treatment does so many things.. Of course there is new 3-d ultrasound that shows babies in such remarkable detail, you can almost have a conversation with them. Ultrasound is also used by cancer doctors, and to help deliver drugs, through trans-dermal delivery, there's focused (FUS) ultrasound, and unfocused ultrasound. In chiropractic, doctors use therapeutic ultrasound as an added treatment sometimes before an adjustment to relax the muscles that are too tight around a joint. Using ultrasound therapy allows for an effective adjustment.

As you can see from the image on this page, the patient lies face down, while the doctor used ultrasound to penetrate deep below the skin. The ultrasound "wand" heats up the area beneath the skin, which encourages blood circulation and relaxation. This is pain-free treatment that feels more like a spa treatment, than therapy. Enjoy the warmth!

The main reason we use ultrasound is to relax the muscles, but it also speeds up the healing process. Adding ultrasound to your therapy increases blood flow in the area; more blood flow, faster healing. Another reason for ultrasound is to reduce swelling.

Your injury may, or may not require therapeutic ultrasound; only your chiropractic will know for sure. During examination your chiropractic doctor may forgo ultrasound one day, and then recommend it another. It all has to do with how receptive your body is to treatment. When the muscles tense up too much, they do not allow proper manipulation, so that's when ultrasound comes in.

For more information about therapeutic ultrasound, talk to your doctor, or check credible online sources, like the Mayo Clinic web site.

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