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We want to make your visit to this web site as easy as possible. There are links to most top-tier pages throughout this chiropractic web site, but just in case, you will find a complete listing of all pages below on this nifty sitemap.
  • Home - Our homepage contains the latest chiropractic news, and discounts at our Reno chiropractic clinics. Please add our web site to your favorites, and click "like" on Facebook for special patient discount coupons.

  • Our Doctors - This chiropractic clinic (ISS) has some of the most experienced chiropractic
    doctors in Northern Nevada. Meet each doctor through his link.

  • Videos! - We have several chiropractic videos available on this web site, and 18 more on
    our YouTube Channel. Each one talks about specific chiropractic topics featuring Dr's Martinez, Welch, and others.

  • Reviews About Us - Now you can read what others have to say about our chiropractic clinic.
    You can also post your own review about your treatment on this comment page. Please allow
    24 hours for your comments to post live. -- Thanks!

  • Chiropractic Directory Listings - This web site allows any qualified chiropractor in the Reno, Nevada area to add their clinic to this directory. It's easy to add your clinic to this free directory. Adding your chiropractic listing increases your visibility, and lowers your advertising budget.

  • FAQs - We get a lot of questions on our blog, and on our comment page, some are so good they earn their own page. We have gathered some of the most common questions about chiropractic and put them on our FAQ section of the web site.

  • Chiropractic Location Information

  • Chiropractic 89519 - NW Reno Location, Caughlin Ranch.

  • Chiropractic Treatment May Include:

    Integrated Spinal Solutions offers traditional chiropractic adjustment therapy, and state-of-the-art spinal decompression tables. You can learn more about our treatment by visiting the links below.

  • Lumbar Spinal Decompression - Treatment for low back pain.

  • Cervical Spinal Decompression - Relief from neck pain.

  • Spinal Manipulation - Traditional chiropractic therapy

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound - We use ultrasound for chiropractic patients

  • Electronic Muscle Stimulation - You may require muscle stimulation

  • Chiropractic for Kids - It's safe for the whole family!

  • Information About Chiropractic

  • Facts About The Spine - On this page you will find a general explaination about the spine, and how chiropractic can help you when your spine is "out-of-whack".

    Below you will find several links that explain the spine in more detail, they are:

  • The Occipital Bone - at the base of your head..
  • Cervical Section of the Spine - this portion contains 7 bones..
  • Thoracic Section of the Spine - below the cervical spine you find the..
  • Lower Lumbar Vertebrae - your lower back ache originates in your..
  • What is a Sacrum - No this is not the newest sweetner made from real sugar..
  • All About Your Coccyx - a bunch of little bones make up your tailbone..

  • More Facts - You can see some of the inter-office animation created for chiropractic patients...

  • Things we thought your should know

  • Healthy Living Information - We post as much chiropractic information as we can find, as well as other healthy living articles. You can find a general index of these stories here.

  • Chiropractic therapy exercises - We have a dozen exercises posted in PDF format ready for viewing or download. Learn about each muscle group and what you can do to stay in alignment.

  • Chiropractic Blog - Every day we post new and exciting information about chiropractic care, and healthy living.. well, it's about as exciting as chiropractic can be. I promise you this, at the very least you'll learn something brand new every time you check in. Plus, now you can comment on any topic without a long sign in process.

  • Chiropractic Today - Now you can keep up to date with the latest chiropractic information and office specials on our blog called "Chiropractic Today". We post important links and information, NOT SPAM. Learn about spinal decompression and advances in health. We pledge not to post garbage, just things you should know.

  • See This Reno Chiropractic Clinic on YouTube - We have created about 20 videos over the years for our patients, please take a moment to view our "Channel"

  • Reno Chiropractic Images - Photo gallery featuring Reno chiropractic clinic - Integrated Spinal Solutions

  • Print out forms before you come in

  • Chiropractic Patient Intake Form

  • Facts about our employees

  • Staff information - We couldn't do it without these fine people.

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