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At Integrated Spinal Solutions, we strive to help patients achieve lasting relief through chiropractic treatment techniques the focus on the source of the condition while also relieving pain. Since no patient is exactly like another, we will customize the treatment to the individual needs of each patient. This way, patients can receive the treatment they need for the specific area of their body.

During the treatment process, we can also make any changes to the patient’s plan when necessary. As a chiropractor, The Integrated Spinal Solutions team can identify how the injury or pain effects other areas of the body. By doing this, we can help patients benefit their overall health starting with chiropractic treatment. There is no reason to let physical pain or an injury continue to hinder your quality of life.

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Dr. Martinez

Dr. Martinez was born and raised in the farming community of Reedley, California.  He grew up working on the family vineyard.  He and his brothers would often start their farm chores before sunrise and continue the work after school and into the evening. To supplement the family's income, his mother sold Avon.  She would regularly take her son in tow to make her delivers where he learned the benefit of treating everybody with kindness.  Through the example set by his parents, he learned early on the value of hard work and to respect the hard work and time of others.

Dr. Martinez holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from Whittier College and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic - West.  He practiced Chiropractic Medicine in Las Vegas and the San Joaquin Valley before settling in Reno in 1998.  He chose to live in Reno because of the abundant outdoor activities available and "small town" feel in a city with many amenities. Dr. Martinez is has advanced training in Biomechanics and Occupant Kinematics from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego. He is also a Certified as an Independent Chiropractic Examiner through the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners. He has served as the Northern Director of the Nevada Chiropractic Association from 2013 to 2016. In 2016 Dr. Martinez was appointed by Governor Brian Sandoval to serve on the Nevada Chiropractic Physician's Licensing Board.  An honor and responsibility he holds dear.

In the year 2000, Dr. Martinez was in a significant car crash which caused him to suffer a debilitating spinal disc injury in his neck.  This injury leads to a disabling loss of strength and muscle atrophy into his right arm.  The intense pain and impaired function had Dr. Martinez seriously thinking he would be forced to give up the career he loved because he could no longer endure the physical demands of practice.   Although chiropractic treatments did alleviate some of the pain intensity, the injury was one that ultimately required spinal surgery.  After the necessary surgery, the strength in his arm was restored but there were post-surgical adhesions (scar tissue) that caused severe neck pain where none had previously been before.  From the unique perspective that Dr. Martinez gained from being both a doctor and a spinal injury patient, he realized the limitations of surgery to address post-traumatic adhesions (scar tissue).  Because of his own personal rehabilitation experience,  Dr. Martinez has integrated a variety of additional therapies into his practice such as Spinal Decompression technology, Physio Therapy, and biomechanically based manipulations to specifically disrupt post-traumatic scar tissue and restore function.  He has expanded the program to include Pain Management and has equipped his office with a completely furnished Fluoroscopy Suite to better serve his patients. Muscular deficits and imbalances often accompany chronic joint injuries and are addressed by exercises and stretching protocols. Combined as a whole, their patient outcomes have dramatically improved.  Thanks to this integrated approach, Dr. Martinez enjoys a life free from the debilitating neck pain he once had and he strives to provide even better results for his own patients.

When you come to see Dr. Martinez, you can be assured that he understands the pain, frustration, potential loss of income and the many other ways an injury may disrupt your quality of life.  His goal is to restore you to full health, mobility, and Independence as soon as possible.

Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Trevor May

Dr. May has been an athlete from the time he was a child. He competed in gymnastics for nine years on the National Level and trained as a member of the United States Olympic Develop Program. He also played three years of varsity basketball in high school. Competing at such an intense level resulted in severe back spasms that put his senior season of basketball in jeopardy. After refusing to take muscle relaxers to mask the pain, he sought out a form of therapy that emphasized rehabilitation instead of pain medication. At eighteen years old Dr. May reluctantly and skeptically received his first chiropractic adjustment. It was an experience that changed his life and how he felt about chiropractic medicine. From a pain and functional perspective, the result he felt following his adjustment was immediate and dramatic. From that day forward he dedicated his efforts to become a chiropractic physician in hopes that he could one day help others in the same manner. Dr. May graduated with a degree in Health Ecology from the University of Nevada Reno before attending Palmer College of Chiropractic West where he graduated as part of the International Chiropractic Honor Society. Palmer West is widely recognized for their emphasis in sports chiropractic medicine which has shaped Dr. May’s approach to treating his patients. His competitive sports background was a natural fit with the sports physiology model of rehabilitation. This model focuses on disrupting underlying adaptive scar tissue that forms in and around joints as a result of injury, chronic stress (such as long periods of sitting), or faulty biomechanics. Combining a biomechanics understanding of joint motion with Chiropractic, he is able to restore range of motion and overall function to your spine and other joints. After restoring the foundation of joint mobility, Dr. May goes on to integrate muscle coordination, strength, and endurance through a targeted and personal exercise program. This integrated approach creates the balance of mobility and stability that every individual needs to live an active and rewarding life without recurring bouts of pain.


  • Graduated from the University of Nevada with a degree in Health Ecology.
  • Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West as a member of the International Chiropractic Honor Society.
  • Performance Movement Technique certified through Rocktape.
  • Certified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Addressing Sports Concussions.
  • Chiropractic adjustments to the spine and extremities, Rocktaping, instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, and training in performance movement techniques.

Dr. Downing

Dr. Downing

Dr. Chad Downing grew up in Provost, Alberta, a small community in Canada. Throughout childhood, he spent his time actively working on the family farm and participating in a variety of sports. As a result of this, he knew he wanted to have a career that allowed him to remain active. Due to a high school volleyball low back injury, he went to see a local chiropractor for his pain. Having no previous knowledge of the chiropractic profession, Chad was impressed and surprised by how quickly an adjustment could relieve his pain and get him back to the sport he loved. It was this experience that led him toward a career in chiropractic.

Having earned himself a spot on The King’s University volleyball team, Dr. Downing moved to Edmonton, where he would play for the Eagles in the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference for 5 years. He chose the school not only for its volleyball program, but also its reputation for high acceptance rates into medical schools across the country. It was here that he completed his Bachelor of Science in Biology (BS) earning his degree with honors.

During his time at King’s, Dr. Downing turned his attention to The University of Western States (UWS) evidence based Doctor of Chiropractic program in Portland, OR. After visiting UWS and seeing the allure of outdoor adventures, the Portland food scene, the beauty of its campus, and proximity and ease of travel to visit family back home, Dr. Downing applied for the Doctor of Chiropractic program at UWS, and was later accepted into the program.

While in Portland, Dr. Downing fell in love with hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and mountain climbing, all while working diligently at his studies. On top of spending hours at Active Release Technique and Motion Palpation seminars, he made the time to train and prepare for climbing Mt. Hood, the tallest mountain in Oregon. Dr. Downing also spent time shadowing other doctors as often as he could, looking for mentors who didn’t just adjust all the parts of the spine, but used a variety of techniques to benefit patient movement and function. While visiting Reno, he shadowed Dr. May and Dr. Martinez at Integrated Spinal Solutions and immediately admired their practice models. He worked hard to complete his internship clinical requirements early in order to be one of the few students allowed to complete an off-campus preceptorship. He completed this preceptorship at Integrated Spinal Solutions under the direct supervision of Dr. Martinez and Dr. May.

With Dr. Downing’s hard work ethic, diagnosing skills and athletic abilities, patients can be sure they will receive the care they need to decrease pain and help them return to their normal daily lifestyle.

Daniel Brady, DC, PA-C, APH

Dr. Brady brings many different healing therapies to Integrative Spinal Solutions. He not only has extensive experience in the chiropractic profession, over 20+years, but also has experience in pain management and homeopathic medicine. He attended University of North Dakota, where he finished his Masters in Physician Assistant Studies and graduated in 2014. He is excited to bring his past and current therapies to Integrative Spinal Solutions.

Dr. Brady has been living in the Reno area for over 8 years and absolutely loves it. He was raised in the Chicagoland area and move out west (CA) to attend Palmer West College of Chiropractic. This is where he met his wife, who is also a chiropractor. They have two beautiful children, who are now in high school and soon to be in College.

When Dr. Brady is not at the clinic, he enjoys his time in the mountains. He loves to snowboard in the winter and loves to play tennis, hike, and fish in the summertime.

Some of the new treatments he will be offering in the clinic will be as follows:

  1. 1. Allopathic Pain management therapies.
  2. 2. Homeopathic Nutritional IV’s for immunity boosting.
  3. 3. Chiropractic adjustments and therapies.