Chiropractic Care for Pain Management

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Sometimes back pain is accepted as just a part of life, but it does not have to be with the right chiropractic care. Chiropractors treat patients with a wide range of ailments related to the back, neck and pelvis, and are often able to help with new and old pain alike. Whether seeking a helpful fix for recurring headaches or wanting to improve posture and reduce lower back pain, a trip to the chiropractor could be the right step forward.

Everything is connected

When one part of the intricate spine is misaligned, it can cause a whole bunch of problems throughout the body. For instance, if someone is unaware that their left hip sits higher than the right, it may go unnoticed that they are walking differently. Whether by favoring one leg or something else, an unnatural stride can cause pain in the knees and feet or a twinge in the lower back. If left uncorrected, the pain can get worse and lead to even worse posture and further damage of the spinal cord.

The spine connects the entire body and holds it upright, so when there is pain in any part of the back, hips, knees or neck, a trip to the chiropractor may be in order. The chiropractic professional can assess what is going on, determine if there are any links between areas of pain in the body and misaligned areas in the spine and provide the patient with both in-office treatment and at-home exercises. In as little as a few weeks, a tangible difference may be noticeable.

Adjusting pinched nerves

When nerves are pinched, the resulting pain can spread all over the body and end up being debilitating. Even the slightest misalignment in one of the spinal joints can put pressure on the nerves and make simple movements painful and challenging. It is also not uncommon for joints to slip out of place.

Basic daily activities from sitting or bending incorrectly to sleeping in a strange position or landing on an ankle the wrong way can strain the back and cause the joints to move. Over time, these joints can become arthritic, making it even harder to twist and bend. A chiropractor can help relieve this kind of pain through ongoing adjustments, where the joints are manually moved back into place in weekly, biweekly, monthly or semi-annually appointments.

Once the spine is back in proper alignment, every nerve is able to function at its best. Blood is able to circulate through the back and into the rest of the body more effectively, improving concentration, energy and overall brain function. Most importantly, inflammation should decrease, range of motion should improve and pain should lessen.


Persistent neck and back pain can put daily life on hold, but it should never keep anyone from living a full life. With a visit to a chiropractic office, it is possible to learn to manage pain in a way that may get a patient across the full-recovery finish line.

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